The Team Behind the KKR Camera Lenses!

If you thought the rally entrants had long days when they’re driving the route every year, you should hear what a normal rally day is like for Kidney Kar Rally photographer Alan Beattie!

“It’s loads of fun, but it’s certainly a lot of hard work,” says Alan of the crazy schedule.

“We’re up every morning by 4:45am, on the road by 6:30am and generally get to bed around 11pm.”

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The brilliant, hard working photographers on the Kidney Kar Rally capture the event’s most awesome moments so that we can show the world what it’s all about.

Talented part time photographer Alan started shooting for the rally eight years ago when he saw the position advertised in the paper. His passion for the craft had been obvious since high school, and this job seemed the perfect fit between his skills and past experiences with kidney disease in the family.

“My dad had kidney disease that nearly killed him so it really meant something to me. The other boys are really passionate about the cause as well.”

During the Kidney Kar Rally Alan works with fellow photographers Matthew Mead; one of NSW’s best wedding photographers; and Michael Vettas, who travels extensively shooting the world rally championships. Both are full time professional photographers who make themselves available at a very reduced rate for the cause.

Michael Vettas: traveller, motor sports lover and the man behind Vettas Media. Check out his portfolio at

So what does being on the KKR photography team entail? Alan details the extensive preparation that goes into the event every year.

“Once we get our team together we need to organise equipment and pre-plan any shots for the route.”

The team need to plan what kind of productions they need to shoot for: books, CDs, online galleries. Alan estimates that they edit anywhere from 10-15,000 images after the event is over!

“We don’t get to do the route beforehand either, so we’re almost as surprised as the entrants when it all kicks off! Luckily we get a bit of inside info, as well as an hour head start!”

Despite several minor off-road ventures and some near misses with cars and photography equipment, Allan loves getting to travel the rally route every year and has some fantastic memories of where it has taken him through Australia.

“I’ll never forget the first rally I worked on; driving up through Victoria’s Alpine National Park, through small villages and past the snow capped mountains. It’s a truly amazing experience.”

Matthew Mead, the man with an eye for the romantic! You could easily spend hours going through his stunning works at

And how do they go about getting the best shots?

“Preparation and a bit of luck. The best shots can be ruined by something as uncontrollable as the sun being in slightly the wrong position in the sky.”

The team are ready to tackle the Kidney Kar Rally this year once again. Our fingers are crossed for good weather conditions. Keep the coffee strong for those early mornings lads, we can’t wait to see what you catch on camera this time ’round!

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