What About Gates?

Most of the gates are found on private properties. The Kidney Kar Rally organisers rely on the generosity of landowners for the use of their private roads.

The rule for gates is that you are to leave them exactly as you found them.

The first Official kar to go through the rally course will leave pink fluorescent tape on a gate, or the adjoining fence, if that gate is closed. If you reach a gate that is open and there is pink fluorescent tape on it, or near it, the responsibility rests with you to stop and close it.

If you open a gate it is your responsibility to close it. There will be Officials stationed throughout the field who will report to the Organisers if they see, or know of someone who has left a gate open.

It is prohibited to ask the kar in front of you to leave a gate open. If you do, you will be penalised 100 points. If caught twice, you will be disqualified and not allowed to remain on the Kidney Kar Rally.

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