Tough Mudders! Getting out of sticky situations with Black Ops!

Kar1995 is nothing if not fully prepared for the muckiest of situations come every Kidney Kar Rally. Although, however prepared you may be, you can’t prepare for everything that mother nature is gonna throw at ya! The Aussie landscape is hard yakka people, and we’d be lying through our teeth if we said we hadn’t gotten bogged once or twice.

So seeing as we’ve had the experience, we thought we’d throw some handy tips your way, should you find yourself spinning your wheels in a muddy mess at some point.

* KEEP MOMENTUM – for as long as you can! If you feel yourself getting stuck, try jerking the steering wheel left and right a bit to grab at some steady ground.

* RESIST THE URGE TO FLOOR IT – face it, you’re already stuck. The only thing that is gonna make it worse, is digging yourself deeper. If you do catch some traction, chances are you’ll lose control of the car, and that could be seriously bad for all involved and surrounding!

* KNOW WHEN YOU’RE BEATEN – When you’ve tried to regain traction, rocked the car around a bit by shifting between reverse and drive, have the smarts to know when you need a tow or a decent push (like the one dished out by the gents in the below video!)

Other than that, stay alert and pack the essentials for the worst!

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