It’s Not A Speed Event!

Even though the Kidney Kar Rally is not a speed event, we still need to record times for scoring purposes.  To record times we need time Controls and Officials to operate them.  Always have safety in mind when entering Controls.

There are two types of Controls:

1.       A Start of Section Control (Start Control)

2.       An End of Section Control (End Control)

At the Start Control, the Official will only record the time you leave.  The Official will issue you with an ‘out time’ and inform you when you can leave.

At an End Control, the Official will record the time you enter the Control Point.  About 300m before you get to the Control Point you will pass a large white board with a red T on it.  This board is known as a Timing Marker.  As you pass one of these boards, you must slow down immediately.  The Control is identified by a similar white board with a red M on it; this means you must enter the Control in a safe manner and STOP.

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