Introducing the Kar Bible: The Rally Roadbook

Our rally adventures in kar1995 would have gone somewhat ary if we’d ever left the starting line without our rally roadbook! Otherwise known as route-notes, your rally roadbook is your bible on the course. So if you don’t wanna get stuck in the mud, you better go to church!

The book is written by the organizers of the race, therefore differing from pace-notes which are created by individual navigators on recon trips before race day. When you combine this important tool with your other tool riding shotgun, your navigator (no offence intended guys), you’ve got one damn good human GPS!

Your rally handbook begins by listing terminology and abbreviations you’ll need to familiarise with in order to decode the shorthand instructions that will dictate each stage of the race. These instructions are accompanied by tulip diagrams that show the direction in which you’ll be travelling and the action you need to take. These actions could be anything; making sharp turns, passing through gates that may need to be locked or unlocked, proceeding with caution or extreme caution over risky terrain; so you gotta stay alert! Who knows what mess you could get yourself into otherwise!

Along the side of the instructions and diagrams you’ll also see distance tracking info indicating the kilometres between actions to be taken, and your cumulative distance across the entire stage.

Check out Black Ops driver Julian Smith’s run down of the Kidney Kar Rally Roadbook in the video below!

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