Interview with Sister Act “Nuns on the Run” K1308 Driver: Carmel Mifsud & Navigator: Donna Robson

If you’ve competed in the Kidney Kay Rally in the past seven years, you’re likely to have been witness to two rather glamorous competitors. Donna and Carmel make their presence known and remembered each year in their V8 VC Commodore. Just don’t ask them to carry extra bags for you, their back seat is full of stilettos! Yes, these ladies drive the rally route in a different pair of stiletto heels each day. Oh, and did I mention they also dress as nuns?


Donna and Carmel are the team behind “Sister Act”. Their sisterly connection came to be when Donna donated her kidney to Danny, friend of her late husband and brother-in-law to Carmel.

“He had been on the kidney transplant waiting list for years, and the doctor wanted to show me what similarities in blood were required to match a compatible donor,” Donna explains.

“She took a sample of my blood as an example and, who’dda thought?! I was 100% compatible!”

As a thank you to Kidney Health Australia for their amazing support throughout the transplant process, the ladies started taking part in the Kidney Kar Rally. They battle the tricky road conditions as well as the rest, and can proudly report that they’re yet to break a nail during an event!

“We were getting thrown around a muddy patch for ages one year,” says Donna of one of the challenges faced.

“When we finally got to dry road, we had a line up of cars asking if we wanted help changing our completely buckled tire!”

Their commodore is equipped with a roll cage and harnesses for safety. The folk at Artline Kitchens have generously donated new tyres every year, and this year have also donated a kitchen for auction during the rally! Donna and her partner run regular fundraising nights at the Berridale Pub; Jackpot Joker every Sunday,  while Carmel plays host to their magnificent rally car, on show all year at her Motel, the Upland Pastures Motor Inn, quite the draw card for fundraising.

Carmel and Donna would like to thank the following sponsors for their support over the years:

It should make for an entertaining rally this year, with a privileged guest coming along for the ride! Donna has informed him that as payment for taking up valuable stiletto room in the back seat, he must come dressed as a Priest! To follow the rally journey of these “Nuns on the Run”, check out their Facebook page here or donate directly to their Everyday Hero Page, and like their Facebook page for daily stiletto updates during the event!


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