Interview with Grimace Too K54 Navigator Debbie Lanyon

Behind the wheel of the iconic lime green and purple 91 VN Commodore rides father-daughter team, Debbie and Peter Lanyon (pictured above). This year will be Debbie’s 13th rally. It will be Peter’s 27th, making him the only entrant to have driven in every rally since the very beginning!

“Dad saw it in the paper and loved the idea,” says Debbie of when the tradition began.

“My late sister Jodie suffered renal problems from a very young age, and she loved the Kidney Kids Camps. She was even a camp counsellor in later years.”

Debbie adds that although Jodie was never able to compete, she was always involved in the rally in one way or another.

“One year there was a big start in Parramatta, and all the Kidney Kids were there riding in the cars with us, having an absolute ball.”

When driving the rally every year, the duo stick to what they’re good at. Peter driving and Debbie navigating. But despite their combined practice from years of involvement, it’s not all smooth sailing when driving the rally! Debbie recalls one year where their team went through seven flat tires in one day, and another when their beloved Grimace had to be towed across the entire Nullarbor!

“The people are amazing though. It doesn’t matter how rubbish your day’s been, everyone is always there to help out, to pitch in with extra fuel, whatever you need.”

Akin to the generosity of the rally drivers is that of the sponsors that help Grimace Too and Kidney Health Australia in their mission every year. Peter and Debbie would like to thank the following sponsors for their support over the years:

Keep an eye out for Grimace Too driving the 2015 route from Alice Springs to Coober Pedy. It’ll be the one where the navigator is singing at the top of her lungs…

“I sing all the time! Dad loves it when I break out with ‘Wide open spaces’!”

If you want to make sure Grimace Too gets out there driving (and singing) for the 2015 Kidney Kar Rally, you can make a donation through their Everyday Hero Page, and be sure to follow their journey through their Facebook page.


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