How Does Time Claims & Score Enquiries Work?

If you would like to query a result you will find a Results Query form in your Road Book (issued at start of Kidney Kar Rally). Just simply fill out the form and hand it to the Official at Administration.

You will also find a Time Lost Claim form in your Road Book. This form is for claiming lost time e.g. assisting at an accident. If you are held up, you should record the time from when you stopped to the time you re-started. If possible, obtain a signature from one of the krew members you have assisted verifying the time that you stopped. Please record this information on the form.

Did you know that you cannot claim for lost time if it is your rally kar that has become bogged, broken down or involved in an accident.

Your claim must be handed into the Officials at the end of that particular section, along with a fee of $20.00. The $20.00 fee will be refunded if your claim is allowed, otherwise it becomes a donation to Kidney Health Australia in support of the kidney kids.

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