CAUTION: UHF Radios Are Compulsory

UHF radios are a compulsory piece of equipment for each competing Rally Kar on the Kidney Kar Rally.  Each Back-Up Kar and each Official Kar involved must have a UHF radio to participate.

The UHF radio must be kept in perfect working order throughout the entire event.  If your radio is found not to be working at anytime, you will not be permitted to continue until it has been repaired.

The UHF radios are to be used for relaying important information between competing Kars and Officials.  There is to be NO idle chit chat and Officials have the right of way on the radio.  If an Official is talking, and it does not involve you, radio silence must be maintained.

Channel 20 will be used on your UHF radio during the entire event, unless otherwise instructed.

After you have used your UHF radio, please ensure that the microphone is returned to its holder in order to prevent accidental transmissions.

Another tip is to have spare UHF radios (hand held).

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