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CONGRATULATIONS Team – We Raised $6500 for the Kidney Kids!

CONGRATULATIONS Team – We Raised $6500 for the Kidney Kids!

On Sunday 23 July 2017 Kar 1995 “Black Ops” ran their first ever fundraiser event called the Billy Joel tribute concert in the Yarra Valley. It was a fantastic afternoon. Thank you Michael (navigator), the band (Craig and Ash Smith, Dean, Phil and David), everyone who attended, supported both at and away from the event, our sponsors, donators, rallitives, family, friends and Kidney Health Australia.

Please follow our upcoming Kidney Kar Rally journey from 11th to 20th August, LIKE our page and join our Facebook group – find links in here:

I’ll also be launching a LIVE TV show “The Late Night Rally Show with Jules and Gerry’ when on the rally so you can follow this adventure. Don’t forget to like our page and join our group.

Again, a fantastic effort to raise $6500 through ticket sales, individual/business donations, auction items and raffle tickets sold on the one day at this concert for children living with and affected by kidney disease.

All the best, Jules

P.S. As they say … the first time is always the hardest … 2018 will be bigger!

P.P.S. Check out our website at:

Rallying call to help kids with kidney disease

OFFICER man Michael Van Den Acker is gearing up to take on this year’s Kidney Kar Rally next month, combining his passion for racing with his and his mate’s will to help those in need.

Bendigo urged to jump on board Kidney Kar rally

COMPETITORS of the upcoming 2012 Kidney Kar Rally have extended a challenge to Bendigonians to jump on board.Boort born and bred driver Julian Smith has fond memories of traveling to Bendigo as a young boy and had a few words of encouragement for potential participants.

It’s Not A Speed Event!

Even though the Kidney Kar Rally is not a speed event, we still need to record times for scoring purposes.  To record times we need time Controls and Officials to operate them.  Always have safety in mind when entering Controls.

CAUTION: UHF Radios Are Compulsory

UHF radios are a compulsory piece of equipment for each competing Rally Kar on the Kidney Kar Rally.  Each Back-Up Kar and each Official Kar involved must have a UHF radio to participate.

Penalty Points Apply For Not Checking In At The End Of Each Day

Did you know that when a rally kar arrives at each overnight stop, the driver or navigator must first report to Administration to check in.